Jerusalem Diary

Students had a guest lecture in the morning by Dr. Elan Ezrachi about the peoples and history of Jerusalem. They visited the Cardo, the site of the Roman marketplace in the Old City’s Jewish quarter, and inserted themselves in the mural located in front of the original signage for the dedication of King George V Street.

In the afternoon students visited Yad Vashem. Prof. Lefkovitz used Yad Vashem’s database to share with the students the record of her father’s parents and siblings among the victims.

Students had class in the evening and talked about Israeli and Palestinian stories that represent inter-generational trauma. They read for the class and discussed Hanoch Bartov’s “A Familiar Face,” Shulamith Hareven’s “Mahogany,” Savyon Liebrecht’s “Hayuta’s Engagement Party,” Etgar Keret’s “Shoes,” and Samira ‘Azzam’s “Bread of Sacrifice,” as well as a synthesis of the theories of Hayden White.

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